A mix of my 3d art, concepts and thoughts on design. I mostly make stuff for Dota 2.
Progress on my blade for Doom!
A small sneak peek at a short SFM animation that I’m putting together.Hopefully will be done at the end of this month.
Starting some concepts for a Doom weapon.
Finished up the highpoly sculpt for my Bremaster item!Next up, paint and low poly bake. Still following the concept in the corner.
If I was Invoker….
Working on an item for Brewmaster! Concept is just about done.

Finished up the loadscreen for my Treant set! Enjoy!
Really close to getting some work accepted for the TI4 shop!I just need a few more votes on them!
TShirts and Posters
A sneak peek at sculpt progree on Medusa’s clothes.Still a bunch to do, but getting there.